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SEO Tips for Online Bookkeeping: SEO Checklist for Virtual Bookkeeping

SEO Tips for Online Bookkeeping: SEO Checklist for Virtual Bookkeeping

About Online / Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping enables an accountant or bookkeeper to offer accounting services to clients online. The trend of telecommuting jobs is becoming more popular as businesses look for innovative ways to suitably balance staffing arrangements and workload. Online bookkeeping can benefit both the company and the bookkeeper regarding flexibility and cost.

Virtual bookkeeping permits bookkeepers to work remotely instead of at a client’s office. Apart from the location of work, there’s not much difference between traditional bookkeeping services and virtual ones. Virtual bookkeepers use computers to create bookkeeping software to post financial transactions, look over and update accounts, and reconcile accounts.

How do you get started with Online Bookkeeping SEO?

You have created a stunning bookkeeping website with service pages to showcase all the services you offer. You think that visitors will visit your website. Right?




You are not the only one with hundreds of websites in your niche. How can you ensure your bookkeeping website ranks high when customers search for keywords relevant to your business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an essential role in this area.

Search engine optimization increases website traffic and builds trust.

Your website will rank for keywords related to your products and services, giving the impression that you’re a trustworthy company.

Every business should consider search engine optimization. Be sure to use the best SEO practices on your website.

What can you do?


It would help if you were consistent in monitoring your website’s SEO. I recommend Mangools for this purpose.


Keyword research is the first step in improving your search engine visibility.

Keyword research can help you find potential customers using search engines. Long-tail  Keywords are better for new businesses (three to five words). Three significant advantages come with long-tail keywords: 
  • They are clear in their intent.
  • Because they have little competition, it is easier to land the top spots.
  • These keywords have a substantial portion of search traffic.

Maintain a blog that is regularly updated

Content is essential for potential customers to help them navigate the buying process. 


Updating your blog can help you maintain higher search rankings and get more leads. HubSpot discovered that 16 blogs per month generated 4.5x more leads for companies than those that only published one to four posts.


You should be aware that blogging is more than just posting. To solve problems for

your readers, you must create blog posts.

Social media marketing is worth investing in

Potential customers use social media every day to communicate with friends and brands.

It’s an incredible platform you can’t ignore when considering that over half of the world uses social media.

There are many social media channels. Here are some of them:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn    
  • Pinterest

You should focus on just a few areas when you start a business. These are the ones that potential customers frequent.

These are some of the best social media practices:

  • To connect with your audience, create content frequently.   
  • Visuals such as images and videos can attract more engagement.
  • Engage with your audience by sharing and responding to their
  • Followers can share relevant content from the industry.
  • Make sure you invest in paid advertisements to reach a greater

Content Marketing

Businesses need to be able to market their products and services through content marketing.

90% of B2C companies are very committed to content marketing, and 88% agree that it is an integral part of their marketing plans.

What makes content marketing so successful?

You can map your content strategy to follow the buyer’s journey. Content marketing will

help you create content your target audience will enjoy reading since it solves

their problems, builds trust, and improves conversion rates.

You can use content marketing strategies to promote your products and services:

  • Your brand will be more visible.
  • Establish lasting relationships with customers
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition
  • Establish credibility and authority
  • Think leadership

Content marketing is an excellent addition to your SEO and SMO efforts, resulting in more content for your blog and social media posts.


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