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0% Bounce Rate Good or bad?

0% Bounce Rate Good or bad

If your bounce rate for your website are zero and the duration of sessions is growing, this means that your site has unique information that is worth studying. This also means that visitors who come to your site are spending time on your site longer than expected and don’t bounce back to your site frequently.

Here are some excellent tips to reduce bounce rates

Use eye-catching headlines

Know the audience. Before writing, particularly in the case of a high return on investment, you must be aware of the audience. The editors of Forbes are aware of their readers, and their headlines are geared to the readers’ emotions.

Interlink Your Content

An effective internal linking strategy will help users in navigating a site effortlessly. You can send users to relevant pages they’re likely to enjoy browsing through anchor links. If users notice that the content on these linked websites is similar, they will likely spend more time on your site.

Crystal Clear Navigation

Make your menu as simple as possible and limit it to seven or six categories to let users process the information and get to the pages they want to visit faster. This way, the users can process information quickly and access the desired pages quicker.

If your site is packed with a lot of data, you can divide it into sections with dropdown menus. When visitors hover over an item in your menu, the sub-categories will pop up, which they can select from.

Additional Tips

  1. Your site loads quickly.
  2. Implement CDN
  3. Use Adaptive Images
  4. Minify Javascript and CSS
  5. Remove Video Backgrounds
  6. Delete Unwanted Plugins
  7. Use Caching
  8. Apply Lazy Loading
  9. Find a better Web Hosting


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